The Wrangler True Wanderer's competition is unlike any motorcycle competition out there. It's not about speed, endurance or flashy motorcycles. But rather it's about stories of freedom and enjoying the open road. A perspective that is often overlooked, but not anymore.


It was then that I realized that this brand is really committed to highlight this aspect of motorcycle riding. After winning the competition. I then decided to turn the bike that I used into a tribute motorcycle for them. This is my way of keeping the spirit of wandering alive.


I'm very thankful that decided to support this build, as it shows their genuine commitment to be apart of the motorcycle culture and they are just beginning. I'm pretty certain that they have a lot more in store for the us motorcycle riders in the future. Hence, they are indeed a brand to look out for.

the builders

I met "Lito", when I was in my first year of riding motorcycles. It was a very dark start for me as I had an extremely problematic bike. I have spent countless amount of money trying to get it fixed. Been through a lot of so called "mechanics" only to find out that they either made things worst or was just making things up to ask more money from me. I guess that's just how it goes when you're just starting out.


Then I searched on-line for someone who has a good reputation as a mechanic and I found him. I tried to do a background check and found out that he specializes in working with CB400's and has good track record of being a capable mechanic as well as a good source of parts.


After being through a lot of mechanics, this was a very big gamble for me. As I'm leaving my motorcycle again to someone whom I only know by reading what was said about him on-line. Eventually that gamble eventually paid off, I got the bike in perfect working condition. From there on he became of the few people that I trust when it comes to my motorcycles.


Being a former officer of the HRCP group he has good connections and information regarding the motorcycle scene. He is also involved in various charity related events that is tied with his group. A very truthful, hard working and straightforward guy.


I'm just glad to be working on this project with him. Although we are not both motorcycle builders by trade, we both share the passion for motorcycles. This build is a sort of journey for us both.


I'm very positive that this will become an amazing motorcycle because of him.