Following Ador's advice, I agreed to have the sub-frame become a bolt-on part he said that "This will give us a lot of options in the future". He also told me that he will build it in such a way that everything is plug and play. "Your batteries and everything else will have sockets, that way if you ever decide to take it apart you wont have much problem".


Not only did he bring something new to the build it seems he also has thought it through. This is now becoming a collaboration of three people who are just passionate about motorcycles, not just in riding them but now also in building them.

In his shop are 4 very well skilled workers who specializes in different fields. He has a welder, a fiberglass and seat fabricator and 2 mechanics. Sometimes it gets confusing as to which is which, as everyone is well adept in each others work.


Even though he has a lot on his plate. Ador still finds time to make sure he gets his hands dirty with every build. You can see him helping and giving guidance to  his mechanics and fabricators as they work on different motorcycle projects in his shop.


He's one of the few people that I know that doesn't have the "pwede na" mindset, he goes over and over on every detail making sure that it's in the right spec. To be honest I rarely encounter people with this passion and dedication.