UFO Hand Guards

UFO hand Guards

UFO hand Guards

Protection is paramount every time I decide to set up a motorcycle. Given that I’m not the best off-roader in the world I know that I’m going to drop my motorcycle at one point. During drops the first thing that gets damaged are your levers and of course theres also the chance that you might hurt your hand. What better way to protect them by getting a hand guard. 

While I was purchasing my UFO head light from Honda Triumph in Caloocan I noticed that they also sell hand guards of the same brand, since I was there I decided to get one as well.


Right off the bat you can notice that the build quality is a bit better than it’s non branded counter parts. The alloy that they use is a bit thicker than the generic hand guard and the plastic is thick and not flimsy. The vents makes it look like it’s a product that has been well thought out and it works as intended, which is to have some air-flow to your hands.

At first I thought it was a good product but come installation I had an issue with the clamps that hold on to your handle bar, after tightening it a few times the screw lost it’s thread which was quite annoying given that it’s new.

UFO Hand Guards, after a crash

UFO Hand Guards, after a crash


Due to its inability to adapt to a fat handle bar, we had to grind away part of the clamp just to make it fit. This caused the clamp to not fit as tight as it would on a regular sized handle bar. Which in an event of a crash might come loose further injuring you instead of protecting you. If you are going to have to custom fit it make sure to make it as firm as possible.


It was priced at around 3,800 php. I checked the price of the Polisport version and there’s I think around a thousand peso difference, while the generic one is priced at 2,200 php. So I would say that the price is somewhere in the middle of the branded and the generic.


I don’t think they stock a lot of these in Triumph, so once they are all sold most likely that’s pretty much it. Also they don’t sell replacements for the plastic part which is quite annoying given that it’s the part of the hand guard that gets damaged the most.

Would I recommend this?

While it has survived a lot of drops and one major crash, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s inability to adapt to fat handle bar would be one and lack of replacement parts would be another. If you have the budget just go for the much more expensive one which is either the Polisport or the Barkbuster, if your’e on a budget just get the generic one as I’m pretty certain that it would protect you just the same.

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