Thermotec Thermal Wrap

Thermal wraps or exhaust wraps are installed to improve engine output. But thats not the reason why I installed it.

Thermotec Thermal Wraps

Thermotec Thermal Wraps

The real reason why I installed the thermal wraps is to keep my headers from burning my riding pants and boots also to lessen the heat that comes from it. One might wonder how the hell do I burn my riding pants and boots if the header is way on the front of the bike?

I have recently been practicing riding off-road/dirt and part of the technique they teach us is to have your inside leg hang out, but by doing this there are certain occasions wherein my pants gets in contact with the headers and in turn burning it. I opted for this solution to at least prolong the life of my riding boots and pants.

Does it really improve engine output? I’m not entirely sure, if it does. I can’t feel it. What it does do well is prevent the chances of burning your clothes or your skin. (If you ride wearing shorts, which I highly don’t recommend).

Installation is not that hard. There are a lot of videos in Youtube that can help you install yours.

Just a couple of things to remember when installing the wraps:

  1. The wraps have tiny fibers in it. If you install it with your bare skin I can guarantee you that its going to itch afterwards. Wear gloves, preferably rubber or something that wont let the fibers penetrate.
  2. Soak the wraps for 10 mins before installing, this would help a lot when your’e starting to wrap it as it tightens the wrap once it dries up.
  3. Wrap it tight and don’t forget to clamp both ends, if your’e having a hard time wrapping it tight have a friend hold headers for you.

Lastly you have to get used to the burning smell for a couple of days and occasional smoke coming out from the wraps. Might want to think of a reply to people telling you that theres smoke coming from your engine and that they smell something burning, as well.

I forgot to mention it also looks good, that is if your’e into the whole custom thing.

Where to get this?

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Thank you. You purchase will help the blog a lot!

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