TCX X-Street Boots

The best street riding boots that I have ever owned.

The best street riding boots that I have ever owned.

I have owned this pair for 4 years now, it’s been bruised, battered but never beaten.


One of the things that I really like about this model is… it doesn’t look like a riding boot. It looks like a beefed-up Chuck Taylor’s sneaker that you would wear with jeans and a shirt. I have owned a lot of riding boots in the past, the annoying thing about them is well… they look like motorcycle riding boots. It’s awkward to wear them when you are just going to the mall or just going somewhere wherein you need just need to look casual. This boot is very discreet, no one would actually know you are wearing riding a motorcycle boot when you are using them.


One more thing that I dislike about the typical street riding boots is their stiffness. I understand that it has to be stiff in order to give ample protection to your feet, but some of them are just extremely stiff even if you have already worn them in. If you are like me who does a lot of walking after dismounting your steed. Then you would appreciate how this boot performs, it is in the Goldilocks area, not too stiff and not too soft… The protection is ample for street riding scenarios. It features a reinforced heel, a hard toe, and additional ankle armor. It is made out of leather which is great for abrasion resistance (it looks cool as it ages as well).  Waterproofing worked for more than 6 months though it’s gone now,  it still takes time before water seeps in even after 4 years of hard use.


Like what I have said these boots has been through a lot, I have used this on city rides and on trail rides. You read that right…. trail rides, there were times that I was not expecting that I would end up on the back roads of some mountain while wearing these boots, but they still protected my feet flawlessly. Only this year did the leather tore from the rubber as you can see in the photo, even with that I dont think I will retire this boot, will just look to have it repaired. I’m guessing I could still get a good 2-3 years service from this pair,  to put it simply this is one of the best built boots that I have ever had.


This is where you will probably frown, it is on the expensive scale. It costs 8,000 php, I can argue that you get what you paid for and more… but it is really expensive for a street riding boot.  A price range 6,000 to 7,000 I think would be reasonable for this.


When I first bought this, I thought that this is one of those boots that will be out of the shelf after a couple of months because of its price. It is still being sold at Motoworld branches and now they have different versions of it, I even saw one designed for female riders. I guess still being on the shelf is a testament of just how good this boot really is.


I can’t really find any faults in this boot aside from the price. I would prefer if they made some sort of lace cover on the top just to keep your shoelaces from getting untangled while riding, other than that I would have to say that it is a perfect motorcycle street riding boot.


If you have the budget go and get this boot, it is worth every cent.

It is worth every cent.

It is worth every cent.

Where to get this

Best to check their site: Motoworld

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