TCX Track Evo WP Boots

An amalgamation of everything that I look for in a motorcycle boot.


I have held off from buying a full size motorcycle boot for some time, simply because I was not satisfied with the street/touring ones available. Having owned a couple of street oriented mid-cut sized boot, I found their soles slippery, thin and do wear out quickly, when you use them for walks after riding, which is what I often do.

Then I was invited to do some off-road/dirt training. I did a little research and found out that one of the best investments when going off-road would be good pair of full sized boots as it offers maximum protection.

Since I’m really not going to race off road, having an off road specific boot would be an overkill and a street oriented boot would be overwhelmed by the rugged terrain. I needed something thats in the middle of both worlds.


Like all boots, out of the box it feels stiff. But the inside feels really comfortable the lining is neither soft or hard, its just enough. Continuously wearing it for a week even at home broke it in, which made it way more comfortable for riding and walking.

I noticed immediately that it is a warm boot to wear, because its a waterproof boot but not a Gore-Tex one, for those whose not familiar with what Gore-Tex is, it’s a material that’s waterproof breathable and… expensive. Boots that are not Gore-Tex are noticeably warmer and priced lower. Usually shoes that use this kind of material are priced on the higher-end of the scale.

That being said there is a way to cool your feet, at least a bit. One suggestion is to use socks that are not thick and choose the ones that are breathable, these are usually socks that’s aimed at athletes, Nike has it’s Dri-Fit technology while other brands have their own, just choose one that’s comfortable and is within budget.

TCX Track Evo WP Boots

TCX Track Evo WP Boots – Waterproof


Its made of suede leather and polyurethane plastic which made the construction feel very solid. The stitches looks really sturdy and for the past 2 months of owning it, none of them has come undone. The buckles are really firm when locked and has never loosen or failed. It held up nicely even after using it extensively on mud, dirt, rocks, tarmac, ankle deep water and so on… for 2 months. The waterproofing system is still working well. I will update this post once it start to leak, as they say there is not such thing as waterproof… for a long time.

Update: I remember reading from somewhere that “There is no such thing as waterproof boot for a long time” I was hoping that this boot can prove that statement wrong but it did not. The waterproofing for this boot became ineffective after 4 months, I noticed that my feet started getting wet while riding through one of the storms last month, at first I thought that the water might be coming from my pants trickling down to the inside of my shoe. I dried it up and tested it again, this time I’m wearing my rain gear. The same thing happened, now, I’m seriously thinking if this will be the boot that I will be wearing when I start my 6 week ride.  I hate having macerated feet because if left untreated it can cause a lot of complications. 

I’m currently using a product by Nikwax in hopes to re-waterproof it, although I have not tested it again. I will update this post once I do. I truly hope for it to withstand the fierce monsoon season.

What really made this boot stand out is it sole. It is similar to that of a hiking boot with its thick deep-lugged rugged rubber outsole which is suitable when walking on different terrains. Once broken in it conforms easily to your feet when you walk. It grips on pretty much everything that I have used it on, you can barely feel the terrain due to its thick sole, good or bad depends on personal preference. I personally like it.

TCX Track Evo WP Boots - Sole

TCX Track Evo WP Boots – Sole


It has a thick polyurethane plastic that protects your shin, and has hard thermoplastic inserts on different parts of your ankles. The toe part seems to be very hard but I don’t think its steel, I’m guessing it is the same thermoplastic inserts used on the ankles. It also has a shifter protection, which is a good way to prevent wear and tear on that part of the boot.


You might ask why I include availability? Simply because motorcycle gear don’t last forever (I wish). If its being used regularly it will wear out. In the case of boots. It is not like jackets or pants, wherein you can bring it to your local tailor and have it fixed. Boots are made with special materials that are hard to come by and are engineered precisely for the boot, so once it really wears out or it gets damaged the viable option is to have it replaced and it sucks when you have grown and love a piece of equipment only to realize that it is not available anymore.

Back to its availability. The only store that carries this kind of boot (as far as I know) is Motoworld and I don’t think they stock a lot of it, as I had to buy my pair at their SM Mall of Asia branch because it is the only one left with my size. I don’t think they sell parts of it as well like the buckles. It might be a boot that you only get to buy once then have a hard time finding an equal replacement.

If I can buy two of this I would… but I can’t.


Not right now, but in the future, I definitely will (if it’s still available). It is priced around the middle range, that being the high range would be the 25,000 PHP+ boots, right now it is priced at 14,500 PHP. Do I find it expensive? If I’m going to look at all the features that I get and its build quality, I personally think its reasonably priced.

Will I recommend this?

Yes. Because its a bang for the buck boots.

Where to buy?


184B E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bagumbayan, Libis,
Quezon City


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