Leatherman Wave

The multitool.

The Leatherman multi-tool.

Don’t you wish that sometimes you have every possible tool in your pocket for those light manual work? I know that’s pretty much impossible but this is pretty close.

Most of the time you think, well I’m on a motorcycle why not bring a lot of stuff since I have room for it and I won’t be carrying it physically. Only recently has packing light came to the mind of motorcycle adventure riders, what better way to practice this than carrying a small tool that can do a lot of things.


Leatherman has been around for a very long time and has established a reputable name in the multitool market. So I think it’s needless to say the quality of this multi tool is superb. There are absolutely no plastic parts here, everything is constructed with stainless steel which makes it really hefty. Everything is compact, there are no unusual movements on each tool unlike the cheap knock off’s. You can really say that a lot of thought was put into the creation of this small wonder.

Compact... nuff said.

Compact… nuff said.


The 17 tools included in the Leatherman Wave are the following:

  1. Needlenose Pliers
  2. Regular Pliers
  3. Hard Wire cutters
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. 420HC Knife
  6. 420HC Serrated Knife
  7. Wire Stripper
  8. Saw
  9. Spring Action Scissors
  10. Ruler (8in)
  11. Can Opener
  12. Bottle Opener
  13. Wood/Metal File
  14. Diamond Coated File
  15. Large Bit Driver
  16. Small Bit Driver
  17. Medium Screw Driver

The tools such as knives, saw and file can be operated with one hand since they are on the outside, they are tight and secure when folded but are easy to deply when the need arises. Now that’s a lot for something that’s so compact and small. Now all of this are pretty much on their official website, you can check the details and specs here.


This tool has not failed me, not even once. But the biggest question is “Why did I choose the Leatherman Wave over the other models and why choose to bring this on my PH tour?”, answers below.

Why the Leatherman Wave?

Various small interchangeable bits.

Various small interchangeable bits.

I pretty much went through all the available models (that I can afford) that Leatherman has to offer when I was searching for a multi-tool. I ended up with this one mainly because of this feature and that is interchangeable bits. We all know that motorcycles have various different types of screws and having to just change a bit instead of searching your tool kit is a both a time and a space saver.

A must have for anyone wearing prescription glasses.

A must have for anyone wearing prescription glasses.

Also if you wear prescription glasses then this would be indispensable to you, a bit that is so small that it can tighten the small screws on your glasses. When you are in the field or outdoors there will come a time that you need to adjust them and having this on hand will be really valuable.

Why choose to bring this on my PH Tour?

The Leatherman Wave is on my what you call EDC (Everyday Cary), some of you might have encountered the term. For those who haven’t will give you a brief explanation.

An EDC is a set of tools or gear that you always keep to your body, regardless of the situation you almost always have this with you, why? Because it is your last resort when you are faced with a survival situation. This idea stemmed out from my research about people who are in the tactical community, often soldiers have some form of EDC with them at all times. Even if they are not on duty or just in a very casual setting. Extreme survival situations will often leave you with only what you have with you at the moment it happens. Having a small compact multi tool greatly increases your chances of survival because it has pretty much everything you need, granted you know how to use them.

Travelling alone can put you into survival situations and having something like this gives you extra confidence that you can handle it if the time comes.

The whole set.

The whole set.


There are few things that I hope was included in this model, one of them would be a clip. There are some Leatherman models that have this feature, but those are a bit more expensive. Also, the whole outside is a bit too smooth if they added just a little bit of texture to increase the grip then this would be almost perfect.

One more thing, I did appreciate the replaceable bits. But they did not come with the Leatherman Wave, you have to buy them separately. The nylon sheath that came with it was good, but not great. Probably this is to make it more affordable although you have the option to get a leather sheath.


For around 5,500 php some people might frown at the price. But this is something that will almost last you a lifetime, I have seen some Leatherman multi-tools that were handed off a generation after, they are just that robust and reliable. But remember these are just for light tasks, don’t expect it to replace your whole motorcycle tool kit. Leatherman claims they have a 25 year warranty, I guess what they are really saying is it will last longer than that. The bit kit is sold separately for almost 1,600 php and can fit the nylon sheath.

I do recommend this product, for me it’s a worth while investment. Hopefully it lasts long enough so I can pass it on to my son in the future.

Where to get this?

I got this from an online store called Tactical Asia. One of the few sites that I trust when it comes to outdoor gear, pretty reliable and easy to talk to as well.

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Bit Kit

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