KTM D390: Power Parts Crash Guards

KTM Power Parts Crash Guards

KTM Power Parts Crash Guards

Arguably the most important motorcycle accessory that you have to get when purchasing a new motorcycle.

Like what I have said in my previous posts, motorcycle protection is paramount to me whenever I set up a motorcycle. Of all the motorcycle accessories that you can get, this for me is the most essential. Protective accessory is always an investment.


This is a “KTM Powerparts” Crash Guards. Apparently KTM has a line of accessories dedicated to a specific motorcycle model. Which I find unique as it’s quite uncommon for other brands to have this. By close inspection you can see that this is really well made, the welds look really clean and the paint finish is exactly like what you have on the KTM D390 trellis frame. The steel tube that they use looks pretty thick, which I think would withstand a powerful crash. No force fitting involved and it comes with screw’s that are at a perfect size and length. It also covers the whole lower side of your engine, which needs the outmost protection in event of an accident.


I had to be somewhere later that day so I had the capable mechanics of KTM Manila install it for me. Since it was made specifically for this bike, it was over really fast. They however replaced the bolts on the lower part, as the stock bolts were too short. Good thing the longer bolts are included in the kit.


From what I know they are available at Granstar Office in Brixton as well in KTM Manila. But I’m guessing that they have a lot more stocks in the Granstar office as I was told that the one I bought was last unit that they have.


This is where things go a bit… shocking. It’s priced at 8,500 php that’s excluding the slider. Yes, I know. It’s a very expensive piece of motorcycle accessory. But like what I have said protection is a form of investment, would you rather have engine damaged in an event of a crash or this?

Would I recommend this?

Yes and No.

Yes, if you have the budget and you are one of those people who like to collect KTM Powerparts then this is the one for you, it looks good and it offers great protection.

No, if you are budget conscious type then this is clearly not the way to go. There are a lot of sellers that offer crash guards at a lower price although these are not authentic KTM Powerparts. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t offer good protection. I have seen locally made crash guards withstand serious accidents, helping the owner save up a lot of money on repair costs. Some of these crash guards even come with sliders. Which with the original one, you have to buy separately.


The KTM Powerparts Crash Guards doesn’t come with the plastic sliders, that in itself costs 2,500 php.

Where to buy?

KTM Manila
Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge A
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 6961949


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