KTM D390: Evotech Radiator Guard

Evotech Radiator Guards

Evotech Radiator Guards

Another addition to your motorcycle protection that is light, strong, elegant looking and…

Most probably your’e wondering why the sentence is cut off. We will get to that later on. This is the review of the Evotech Radiator Guard.


Just touch it and you know that it’s made of really good materials, aircraft quality aluminium to be precise. Since it’s machined to perfection there’s no force fitting involved, everything was measured as intended.

You know that it’s also a well thought out protection piece as it also comes with some foam padding that goes between your radiator and radiator guard, I’m guessing this helps to dampen the engine vibrations that would otherwise cause friction and damage your radiators. The matte black paint looks superb, although I don’t exactly know what they used on this, but it looks like it will last a long time.


There are hexagonal holes in the rad guard that allows maximum air flow but still provides adequate protection as its not very big, there’s also a gap between the radiator and the guard which I think would prevent impacts of small debris such as rocks denting your radiator fins. There’s also very minimal chance of it coming off as it’s very snug fit.


Though I did not install it myself I watched how it was installed by the mechanic, in less than 10 minutes it was already done. You do however have to remove the side radiator covers in order to install it.


I thought these kinds of products were extremely rare, but I found out with just a little bit of searching that they are available in different specialised motorcycle shops. They are however limited in stocks and there’s a waiting time if ever they ran out of it.

Would I recommend this?

Aha! I will now continue the first sentence of this post. If you are the type of person that looks for aesthetically pleasing, well crafted products, then the price tag of 4,000 php would be just enough for you. But if you are looking for a budget friendly radiator guard then try checking out the one’s that are locally made, they are a bit heavy and the materials that they use vary depending on the style and who you are buying it from. Will it do the job? I think so.

Where to get this?

You can get this item at Lazada by using my link Evotech Radiator Guard.

Thank you. You purchase will help the blog a lot!

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