Givi Universal Bracket for E21 and E22

Givi Universal Bracket for E21 and E22

Givi Universal Bracket for E21 and E22

One of the motorcycle accessories that I have bought that once the price is mentioned, raises a lot of eyebrows. This is the universal bracket for the Givi E21 box and the E22, is worth the price? Read on to find out.


As I have said in my earlier Givi related product review, their items are pretty well made this one is no exception. Its coated with matte black pain that is resistant to rust. During the course of fitting these brackets I actually had some extensions custom made, I just coated them with black paint from spray cans, and those things rusted after just being exposed to the elements for a short time. While the original Givi one’s didn’t, the extensions that came with it was also quite sturdy as they were not easy to bend even though they have holes in it.

I have dropped my bike countless times with all the weight of the motorcycle resting on this and it’s still in top condition. So in terms of quality I would have to say this is top notch.


This is where people raise their eyebrows. This is priced at 4,500 php. Yes, Just add another 500 php and you have yourself another set of side panniers. I would have to say that for a lot of people who buy the E21 (me included) this is really pricey. If it was around 3,000 php then I think it’s still something that’s justifiable to buy. But for its current price, not really. It well set you back around 10,000 php just to get the whole set up 5,000 php for the E21 Panniers, 4,500 php for the bracket and another 500 php for the labour. Ugh…


Now that E22 is out, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of this one. I have seen this in almost all Motoworld branches, but you can only buy it in pairs…

Would I recommend this?

If you have the budget, by all means go and get it. But if you are a bit tight on the budget and know a buddy who has the same exact bracket just borrow it from him and have one fabricated for your bike as most likely it would be cheaper. Just take note on the mounting part for the panniers. I think that’s the only part that is really tricky to fabricate and you have to make it work with the panniers or else you would have to drill holes on your E21’s and E22’s and I personally don’t like doing that.

Where to get this?

You can get this item at Lazada by using my link Givi Universal Bracket.

Thank you. You purchase will help the blog a lot!

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