Givi E21 Side Bags

GIvi E21 Side Panniers

GIvi E21 Side Panniers

This is a long term review of the Givi E21 Side panniers, an entry level plastic side bag that can store your essentials while out travelling.

A quick overview of the brand.

Givi is an in Italian brand that specializes in motorcycle accessories, including panniers, helmets, crash guards, lights and a lot more. The quality of their products are top notch and ranges from the inexpensive to the very expensive depending the challenges that you are going to encounter while out travelling.

I have owned quite a lot of Givi products over the years not all of them are perfect but majority does their function really well and you really do feel that it is a well thought out product because of their innovations.


GIVI E21 Side Bags

GIVI E21 Side Bags

In terms of cosmetics you don’t really see much difference from the other side panniers that are available on the market, the matte black plastic finish is so common in other cases that you can’t really discern which is which.

Now I have not used other side case aside from Givi so I’m not going to compare this to the other brands out there. Everything will be based on my experience which is quite a lot given that the one on the photo is actually my second set already.

I have done more than 15,000 kms in these bags and have brought them through different riding terrains and different conditions and it has survived quite well.

The plastic shell is really flexible which helps in absorbing impacts when your bike falls down to its side, the downside is you can’t really place any items there that are too expensive such as camera’s and other items that are prone to breaking when too much compression is applied.

What I usually place on these bags are items that are either really soft or really hard such as clothes, shoes and repair tools as these items will either just compress or can withstand the compression placed on the bags in the event of a fall.

With proper packing you can fit quite a lot of things inside, but always take note that you have to balance both the left and right side so that you it wont affect the handling of the bike when you ride.

One of the things thats annoy the hell out of me would be the key slots which wears out quickly, I have had the same issue with both sets that I have bought so I wouldn’t suggest that you place anything that is expensive on these bags. Which brings me to the next thing which is…


GIVI E21 Side Panniers

GIVI E21 Side Bags

This does provide a bit more level of security compared to the fabric based bags, however I still would not recommend that you place anything expensive in it. As like what I have said the key slots do tend to wear out easily, though I have never lost any item that was inside of these side bags due to theft, it is still better to be safe than sorry.


Givi is a known brand in the motorcycle industry and a lot of people clamour about the price of its products, but upon checking, the difference from another brand was just 500 php for the exact same liter capacity. That being said for 4,500 pesos I think it is still pretty affordable… now there’s still another thing to consider and that is the mounting brackets which I will review on a different post.

Givi E21 Side Bags

Givi E21 Side Bags


When I bought my first pair these side bags were available in almost all Motoworld shops, now with my second pair I had to go SM Megamall to get it as most of the stores didn’t have this particular model. They released a newer model which can hold a little more and it looks a bit more modern but double the price tag. I hope they don’t phase out the E21 to push people to buy this expensive model because that is what I felt like when I had a hard time getting it. So in short… I’m not sure if in the future this model would still be available.

Would I recommend this?

Simple answer would be I’m already on my second set so… yes.

*Note: Always check the keys if they work! There were two sets left in Megamall the first one we tried wont open up using the keys that came with it, so its better to test the item in the store first before leaving! It saves up on gas and time.

Where to buy?


184B E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bagumbayan, Libis,
Quezon City

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