Kase Lens – Mobile Photography and Videography

Kase Lens - Mobile Photography and videography

Kase Lens – Mobile Photography and videography

When I originally planned the Philippine tour that I did back in 2014. I was dead set on using the iPhone 6 to document the whole trip. Then after a couple of weeks of using the iPhone, I was taking decent photos but I was not satisfied with the quality. It felt like I was taking the same kinds of photos again and again.

I did try to purchase some phone lenses from a Mac store before, they were not really that cheap as one would cost around 800-1300 PHP and I bought 2. I played around with them for a couple of days but then I realized, what I got was of poor quality and the lens felt more like a gimmick than an actual product to get decent photos. Fast forward to today, smartphone cameras are getting better and better, to the point that it’s hard to determine (on social media) what is taken with a smartphone and what is not. But they seem to have a distinct look because the pretty much offer the same field of view.

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