Biltwell Gringo Full Face Helmet

The Gringo.

The Gringo.

Custom motorcycles are all rage today. Most often, it’s not enough just to have one. You also have to look the part. Of course looking the part should start first with your brain bucket.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to retro-inspired lids but most of them are half-face. So when I found out that Biltwell has a full face retro inspired helmet, I immediately decided to get one to match my custom motorcycle Wander One. But after knowing one crucial detail, I held myself back.


It’s retro, that’s for sure. There are no bells and whistles in this model, just a straight up rounded helmet, with a little opening to accommodate some goggles and buttons to attach a sun visor. From the outside, it looks nothing special, but wait til you see the inside. It looks like a the interior of an expensive car, the lining is soft to the touch and the orange diamond stitching reminds of those expensive sofa’s you see on malls. Just looking at the details of this helmet you can immediately say that a lot of care and thought went into designing and creating this helmet.


I think our predecessors didn’t think much about the helmets that they are using, as long as it’s comfortable and can offer some form of protection they will use it. The gringo does that exactly, and just that. While the lining inside is soft and comfy it does get a little bit hot especially when riding at noontime traffic. There are no vents in this helmet, the only air passage is the narrow eye port and personally, I don’t think it gives enough air circulation for you to comfortably ride on a hot sunny day.

Your peripheral vision is also lessened because of the width of the eye port and it becomes worse when you wear goggles, so make sure you do head checks whenever you are changing lanes. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with any face or eye protectors, getting a bubble shield might be a good idea to get one before using it.

The D-Rings looks really safe and secure and the chin strap is made out of some thick strong fabric, just make sure to adjust it properly and button up excess strap for a smooth safe ride.

Very narrow eyeport.

Very narrow eyeport.


Overall the build quality is awesome and the attention to detail is admirable, so thumbs up to that Biltwell. But I just can’t get over the fact that they sell it for an absurd price of 15,000 php. I actually think that you don’t get what you paid for here, for that price I hope they would incorporate some form of modern feature.

Personally, I wouldn’t shell out that amount of cash just so I can look the part. It seems brands are jumping on the custom motorcycle hype train and are pricing “retro-inspired” products at a premium price without really adding anything into it.

Sturdy straps.

Sturdy straps.


I wouldn’t recommend this helmet at all. The price is just too high for something that is very basic, yes it does look good… like really good. But it just costs too damn much, I think at around 8-12,000 PHP would be an acceptable price for this. Also, you can get other brands that can give you the same look and feel without breaking the bank, some of them even have some modern features like vents and visors.

You might be wondering, how come he has that helmet to review if he wouldn’t buy it at its retail price? I got mine pre-owned at almost half the price. The previous owner just sold his Ducati Scrambler and is disposing of his retro-inspired gear, luckily I got hold of the helmet which was just used twice.

Only if it's a good deal.

Only if it’s a good deal.

All form, minimal function, expensive price. Only get it if you have a really good deal.