Why I don’t take selfies.

I do take self-portraits… do not confuse the two. Although the “selfie” is a subset of the self-portrait, there are stark differences. A selfie is done either by extending one’s hand or by using a “selfie-stick”. While a self-portrait is often taken on a timer on a tripod or some kind stabilizer often at a distance from the subject with a lot of effort.

When do I take self-portraits? When it is needed… often times a landscape photo would be more interesting if there is a human element to it. People will always gravitate towards a human figure in a photo, if it’s a wide landscape it gives it some sort of balance. Sometimes when you have nothing interesting to use as a foreground element you can use yourself. Although I don’t think all photos need a human element… there are some photos that can just stand alone by themselves. Most often I travel alone so it’s just natural that I use myself if there’s an option to use something else I usually opt to do that.

I don’t find photos shot using an arm’s length or a “selfie-stick” appealing. Having my face cover most of the composition is a bit too bland for me and it doesn’t tell a story. Most often than not when I see photo’s like that I’m not sure if it is about the location or the person, the caption tells about a place, but you can only see 1/4th of it. Some say that they do it to remind themselves that they have been in that place, not sure if it was to prove to someone that they have been there. Honestly… I don’t see any real reason for me to include myself in a photo to remind myself that I was there, or to prove to anyone that I was. Knowing I have been there or a photo of the place would be enough of a reminder… I don’t necessarily need to be in it.

At the end of the day, I ask myself is it about me? Or is it about the people and the places the I have been to… If the answer is the latter then I really don’t see any reason for a selfie.

Do I think selfies are bad? No. I do however find it tasteless.

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