People: Mizziel Serra

Miss Mizz

You don’t want to miss Mizz Serra

I rarely get a message on Instagram. What’s more unusual was, it was a lady that looked like a model. Honestly, at first I was hesitant to even open the message, scams and bots typically use images of beautiful women to entice you to click on a link. The next thing you know you’re having issues with your account or worse your computer.

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Travel By Heart: Day 06 – The Island Life 04/04

That smile says it all.That smile says it all.

I still have an hour or so before I join Babal. I went back the lodge to get some more of my documentation stuff, I don’t want to miss anything with this experience…when I got back he was already preparing for his surfing lessons. He then told me that we just have to make one stop before we head on. Then a guy approached him and asked him if he can get a ride, he said his friend will be with him and asked if I can take him instead. since I left one of my bags at the lodge I’m free to take on a passenger, so it took him.

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