Set Backs

Set Backs

Set Backs

I remember reading a quote from “The Alchemist”, a book written by one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho. The best adventure related story that I have ever read. But this wont be about that, instead this is the opposite.

The events that has happened in the past three weeks made me want to pause and re-think everything that I want to do. Two weeks, two accidents the first accident involves me and a passenger (you can read all about it here) the second one involves someone that I ride with. When everything is going smoothly and everything seems to be in place, you get this aura of invincibility. A feeling that you can take on anything, that nothing can hold you back and that having an adventure is a smooth sailing process. Until reality slaps you in the face, in my case it was actually the concrete road that did it.

It also doesn’t help reading about a fellow adventure motorcycle rider killed and buried somewhere in South America.

Once this happens, you begin to realise how fragile everything is. How everything seems to be so temporary, your hopes, dreams and life could be gone in an instant. The worst feeling is, it doesn’t take much… for you to lose everything. This project has been my life for four years now and I have given everything that I could to make it happen. If something bad was to happen, like a severe injury or an inoperable bike, I would be left with absolutely nothing.

I seem to hang on a very thin thread every time I ride because much of my possession is with me and loosing it would put me back to zero or worse. Sometimes I tell myself, it’s all in or nothing. But when “nothing” knocks on your door, you kind of want to step back.

But this is just a set back, I just need to re-asses, take a breather and reflect on what has happened.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I still believe in this line.

But right now, I’m just taking my time.

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