Ride: Quezon

When things don’t go as planned or when I feel burnt out because of work, I ride my motorcycle.

Infanta, Quezon

Infanta, Quezon

Theres a certain sense of peace that engulfs me when I go out riding. Some say it’s because you are one with your environment while others say it’s because you are a participant in an event that is unfolding and not merely watching, both are quite poetic even romantic. As for me it’s still undefined and I don’t mind it being that way, at least for now.

East of Metro Manila theres a province that I visit quite frequently when I want to feel that certain sense of peace, it’s called Quezon.

It’s about an hour or so ride from where I reside and has pretty much everything that I would want for a short ride. Breeze thats cool enough for a hot head, enough winding roads that can keep your mind of from wandering and beautiful scenery that can turn any negative thoughts to a positive one.

I have been here for quite a number of times now. Often going farther than where I last stopped, sometimes even taking backroads that lead to god knows where. Still I feel like I just barely scratched the surface of what this province has to offer, so I’m doing this project with aims to discover more of this place.


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