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I rarely get a message on Instagram. What’s more unusual was, it was a lady that looked like a model. Honestly, at first I was hesitant to even open the message, scams and bots typically use images of beautiful women to entice you to click on a link. The next thing you know you’re having issues with your account or worse your computer.

When I did finally click on the link, I noticed the message was quite long and detailed. It didn’t sound like a bot, but a genuine person. But the authenticity of this account would really rely on the reply. I messaged her back and within a couple of seconds, she replied. This made me realize that I’m actually talking to a person.

She was asking details about traveling the Philippines on a motorcycle this is in connection to travel show for National Geographic that they want to film a pilot episode of. She asked about the places that she can visit, highlights of each island and the possibility of borrowing a motorcycle from a brand to use on the entire show. I gave her some links to some companies that she can contact and referred Kara Santos of Travel Up for further travel information. We continued to talk about topics relating to life, work and of course motorcycles. This is when I found out that behind the pretty face is a very smart and interesting person with a positive perspective in life.

When she arrived here in the PH our schedules were in conflict making our meet up a bit delayed. The day finally came and we finally met. It was at the STKD shop somewhere in Pasig. She just finished a meeting at Locavore and informed us that she is coming over. She came in wearing high heeled boots, leather riding jacket, white tank top and a scarf. Her left hand holding an AGV full face helmet while her right hand was holding a very feminine bag.

The scarf is kind of her trade mark.

The scarf is kind of her trade mark.

I introduced myself and asked how her meeting went, she just smiled and said, “Really positive!”.  Kara was also there, and we three swapped stories about travel, the Philippines and motorcycles. Our conversations were briefly interrupted by short meetings. The guys from STKD will allow her to test some of their bikes to review and take photos of her as she does it. I wanted to stay a little longer, but I had to attend to something so I had to leave early. I just told her that I will keep in touch.

That same evening I asked her about her schedule. Apparently, Ducati agreed to lend her a bike and is taking her canyon carving up Marilaque.  I was thinking of inviting her to ride that too, but sadly i didn’t have any bike to lend her, so that didn’t materialize. I asked her if she was doing anything after that ride, she said “I’m free!”

I pitched the idea the night before to the KRB guys if they would allow us to ride that afternoon. Upon reading the words “I’m free!”. I quickly contacted Rhine that we will drop-by for a visit. But at the back of my mind, wouldn’t this off-road riding be too tiring for her? I mean she just rode a Ducati Supersport, battled the Marcos Highway traffic, chased the speed-hungry Ducati riders and now I’m taking her to get dirty at a motocross race track? At this point, I’m not sure if I had the right idea. But as she told me before “I’m always down for a ride”.

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Had the pleasure of riding this 2018 Ducati Supersport through some Philippines twisties in Marilaque . This was by far the craziest canyon ride I’ve ever experienced. I have so much riding content from here, it’s a little overwhelming… LOL I’ll try to get a motovlog of my excursions out as soon as possible explaining the craziness . Never knew how fun and challenging it is to ride out here. I have a lot of respect for these skilled, brave riders. Their group name is ATAT- meaning they ride “All the Time, Any Time.” Sounds just like something I would say 😈. I wasn’t able to get everyone’s IG names, so please tag people who are in the photo if you know them ♥️ Thank you @ducatiphilippines for your amazing hospitality and beautiful, fast bikes. Happy Monday! 📸: @omiesantiago #atat #ducatiphilippines

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When I arrived at Ducati, Katipunan to pick her up. I was expecting her to be resting and sipping some coffee while eating a sandwich. Instead, she was all jolly and active going around posing at the different motorcycles for her Instagram. She exceeded my expectations yet again. After the shoot was done I started preparing for our departure. She, on the other hand, started setting up her GoPro and Sena to do some minor motovlogging. As we rode she was either shooting, updating her Instagram or sorting out her footages. I sometimes wonder if this girl has any concept of rest. One thing I noticed was her efficiency, she was always hustling, never letting a moment pass without doing anything.

When we arrived at KRB, everybody welcomed us. It’s been a while since I visited the place so I was glad to see familiar faces once again. I told Mizz to take a rest while I arrange her activities for the afternoon, I approached Rhine as to what we can do for her. Rhine said that first we will assess her off-road riding skills, then give her the appropriate course based on her skill level.

One by one she was given the gears that she needs, elbow pads, knee pads then I lent her my ICON 1000 body armor. As I looked at her from head to foot I noticed that one thing was missing, the boots! I asked around if they have a spare one hanging around that is of her size. Rhine said all of our spares are a bit too big for her, I said to myself “This is going to be a problem”.

High heels on dirt.High heels on dirt or is it dirt on high heels?

I approached her and said the bad news, she just looked at me and said. “It’s ok, I can ride on this.” This – referring to a high heeled boot that looks like it was designed for the runway, not the dirt. I was speechless. I went back to Rhine and Roe to tell them what she had said, at first they were very hesitant. Fearing for her safety as the heels might go straight through the pegs and injure her. They then decided to just let her go with it, we will find out if she can really ride on those after her assessment.

She was then instructed to go a couple of laps, everyone was watching. The coaches, the people on the sidelines, Kara and me. First lap complete, then another one and another. Roe blurted out “She is aggressive.. once she comes back tell her to tone it down a bit, but that was decent riding.” We all concluded that it was ok for her to use those high heeled boots as she trains. In my mind this is probably history in the making. The first person to actually ride a dirt bike and take the MAYOTC on high heels. Everyone was telling me that her riding ability impressed them and that they were not expecting it.

Break time, if coach Meng did not signal for her to stop, she would have gone for a couple more laps. She took her helmet off and sat beside Kara. There was a little sweat on her forehead which she wiped off with her hand and started talking to Kara about the experience. There was no sign of her being tired or wanting to slow down, she just kept on it. She looked like a person being interviewed on a talk show, her answers to Kara’s question were long and entertaining. Her energy is infectious and seemingly unlimited.

Coach Meng of the MAYOTC off-road training camp.

Coach Meng of the MAYOTC off-road training camp.

After the break Coach Meng took her around the motocross track. I was following her with the drone when I saw her fell, she lost focus (later she told me it was because she was enjoying the scenery) and fell of a ditch on the other side. I was worried for a while, but she quickly picked up the bike and rode off, as if nothing happened. When they got back the sun was already setting, it lit the race track beautifully. Mizz asked Meng to go around for a little more just for Instagram purposes. She asked him politely to take a photo of her as she rode down the track. I was watching them from the drone, telling myself a perfect shot to end the day.

The KRB Crew!

The KRB Crew!

When we said our goodbyes, the KRB crew asked her when she’s coming back. Telling her that “You just had a glimpse of what we can offer, and there’s a lot more!”. She just smiled and said, “I will.”

If I were to describe her with one word. It would be... Intense.

If I were to describe her with one word. It would be… Intense.

Before I met her, I’m just so puzzled with people making their careers out of Instagram. To be honest a part of me thought it was pretentious and shallow. But she changed my perspective, the effort she puts into what she is doing is incredible. The hustle, the grind and the consistency is something that I have never seen before. Maybe some do fake it on Instagram, they are trying to make you perceive something that is not real.

In her case, what you perceive is just a fraction of her reality… and her reality is intensely amazing.

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