Oil and Alcohol

Oil and alcohol will never mix

Oil and alcohol will never mix

I got a text message from one of my friends late at night. He is one of those people that would only message you if it’s really important. I know that this is something that I should give attention to, I looked at my phone and read the message. It was short and direct and it said “JC is gone.” At first I was confused, there are a couple of JC’s that we both know and I was not sure who he was referring to and what he meant by the word “gone”. I decided to call him up to clarify what the message meant, after 3 rings he picked up and told me which “JC” he was referring to, then the call ended.

There were no clear details yet, so I was left mainly in the dark as to what really happened. There’s a lot of questions during ones passing and somehow I’m not content to just know that he died. I want to know “how?” and even the “why?”. I was not really sure what’s driving me to know the answers to these questions, I know it is more than just curiosity, perhaps I’m looking for some closure.

I arrived at the wake, one by one I saw familiar faces, people that we both spent our youth with. As I talk to them one by one, I slowly pieced together what happened that unfortunate evening. The story was very simple and quite common, they were riding their motorcycles going home intoxicated, then bad shit happened. There’s really nothing more to the  story, only a loss of a young mans promising life.

The sad thing is, this nothing new to me. Stories like these are quite common in different motorcycle circles that I have been in. Death by riding intoxicated is so common it feels like the norm. After knowing the answers to my questions, I realised that I’m not looking for closure rather I’m looking for change.

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