It’s not always about the money.

NBJH 2018

No Barriers Just Horizons 2018

A couple of years ago before the Philippine tour, I was fortunate enough to be one of the pioneers of digital publishing here in the Philippines. Back then there was only one magazine that adapted itself into the digital media. Even then, the way they adapted themselves was pretty crude and boring. It was the ripe time to get into something that could potentially be a gold mine, but I gave it all up.

After from a digital publishing seminar in Singapore, a US-based publication firm approached me if I would like to work for them. The job was to take their clients into the digital age and create a workflow that has not been done before. I accepted the job and in a brief period of time I was earning far more than the people at my age, it also opened up the opportunity for me two possibly manage two companies at the same time. There was a time wherein I would look at my bank account and not exactly know what to do with what’s inside.

But it all came with a price, I was sleeping less and my weekends were mostly spent in front of a computer. Working day and night taking clients to digital horizons that they didn’t even know existed. But at the end of the day, I end up asking myself “How about my own personal horizons?”. I saw myself getting farther and farther away from my goal of riding my motorcycle all throughout the Philippines and it was unbearable.

I decided to give up digital publishing and its lucrative possibilities, all to chase a dream without a definite outcome. Some might call it crazy (something that I get called a lot) but I can honestly say that I look at that time of my life without regret. Maybe I would be better off financially, maybe I would be known as one of the pioneers of digital publishing or maybe I made the right decision to give it all up. All those “maybe’s” are just fleeting thoughts, but never something I would go back in time to change. I’m happy with the decision that I made, the lessons that I gained, the people that I have met and the experiences that I have felt.

This project has existed for a while now. I have never earned anything monetarily from it, but I’m looking to change that. In order for me to still continue, I would need to find a sustainable way to do it, but still sticking the core beliefs of the project.

How I’m going to do that? I’m still figuring that out. Here’s to the new year and the new chapter in everyone’s life. Thanks for following the project and as always keep on chasing the horizon!

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