It is kind of unusual to write an introduction at this point since the blog has been up for sometime now. After finishing the 6 week ride, I think it is quite fitting to shed some light as to what this project is all about.

What is No Barriers Just Horizons?

It is a personal project of mine that I conceptualised when I got my first motorcycle which was about 4 years ago, the idea was to travel the Philippines on a motorcycle alone and have it personally documented.

Growing up I was not really encouraged to travel, as with most modest income families it was often viewed as a luxury than a necessity, so prior to this I have not really travelled much, but everything changed when I saw Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor ride through Africa on their motorcycles. Before that I never knew that such a thing can be accomplished, that inspired me to do something similar hence the project was born.

Being able to document this project is very important to me. Mainly because I want to prove to myself that I am capable of turning a dream into a reality, secondly I want this to serve as an inspiration to my children (in the future), not for them to view this as their father’s accomplishment but rather a testament that if you put your mind and heart into something, it will and can come true.

Who am I?

I’m just a dreamer on a motorcycle.

I personally prefer the project to activity-centric meaning it is all about the the travel, the people  and places that I visit. I would often tell people that I meet that there’s really nothing interesting about what I do, what is really interesting are the people, the places and the experiences and I want to project to focus on those stories rather than me. Riding to different places, meeting different people and experiencing new things has changed me for the better and it has given me a perspective that I don’t think I would be able to have if I did not travel. 

 I also prefer that the project to not be attributed to a name or a person, this is to help the reader imagine himself/herself doing the travel rather than someone else.

 What do I get from doing this?

Everything that you read, see and in the future watch are all done by me. The funds that I use to travel come from my very limited budget. I do not get paid to do this nor do I have sponsors to help me fund this project. Documenting, writing and telling stories has become my passion and being able to express that through photography, writing and design is enough for me.

What’s next?

There are future plans of turning this into an online free downloadable magazine that can be viewed and read offline. I also have a lot of video documentation from the 6 week ride that will be turned into a short film which hopefully can be released before the end of this year. While most of the posts that you are going to read comes from my most recent long distance travel, I will still ride to different places to get new experiences and keep the project going.

Thank you very much for reading and keep chasing the horizon.

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