His favorite superhero is Ironman.

His favorite superhero is Ironman.

This is my cousin that I have only met for the first time. I wanted to take a photo of him in the most natural way possible. For some strange reason I just blurted out “Who’s your favorite superhero?” He said with a very big smile on his face “Ironman!”.

When I came back to Manila, I was angry, frustrated, tired and in a mild shock. I wrote something that went viral to the point that one prominent film director here the Philippines quoted me. Some people called me a hero on social media because of the post, some called it pretentious while others thought it was political and misleading.

There were a lot of things coming from various media sources painting the the citizens of Tacloban in a very negative light. I wrote that post not so I would be hailed as a hero, but rather to tell people who the real heroes are. They don’t wear capes or masks, not even a uniform. They were the regular citizens of Tacloban, I have been trained for these kinds of things and I have done preparations, but at the end of the day your safety really is in the hands of the people around you, they are the ones who will really keep you safe. During the 5 days that I was with them, all I saw was bravery, kindness and resilience. Although I’m not from there, I never felt out of place. All my courage and strenght came from them… because for me they are all my heroes.

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