A Nomad


Being a nomad.

If there’s such a thing as poetry in adventure motorcycle riding, this man would be the embodiment of it.

Machine mastery is very evident, attitude very confident, relating a good story the most prominent. The man that made me want to buy a dual-sport motorcycle, made me want to learn riding skills on the dirt, on trails and made me believe that indeed 90% of the worlds population are good people. His words made me realise that wealth in terms experiences is much better than any form of material wealth. One of the few people that I look up to, the Motonomad Adam Reimann.

The introduction in his video about travelling 7000 km in 7 countries on his KTM made an immediate impression on me. “This is an adventure motorcycle travel unlike anything I have seen before”. This is freedom, passion and independence all rolled into one.

Then I hear the beat “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap then my spine begins to shiver, an aerial shot of two riders going chasing the horizon. My pulse beats faster then I feel an adrenaline rush just by watching them. An inner voice starts telling you to go out and explore the world, be free, be passionate and best of all be yourself.

I can’t recall how many times I have watched that video, that same shiver and excitement still flows through me.

The video was well crafted, the aerial footages are simply amazing and the place where they took the bikes are unbelievable. You usually see big adventure touring bikes like the BMW GS 1200 or the KTM 1190 fitted with Touratech panniers and such do this kind of adventure but these guys were pushing it, as they used a 500 cc KTM dirt bike and rucksacks all throughout their journey.

You can really see the mastery of the man over his machine, as they used their dirt bikes in different terrains, and maintained their machines all throughout  with only the gear in their back and as what Adam said there are no support crew, its just them their bikes and their insatiable hunger for adventure.

One of the things that you really can take from Adam would be the knowledge and wisdom that he imparts in his videos as they are meaningful and straight forward.

To think that this is just a teaser to its full length film, to me is just mind blowing.

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