It’s not always about the money.

NBJH 2018

No Barriers Just Horizons 2018

A couple of years ago before the Philippine tour, I was fortunate enough to be one of the pioneers of digital publishing here in the Philippines. Back then there was only one magazine that adapted itself into the digital media. Even then, the way they adapted themselves was pretty crude and boring. It was the ripe time to get into something that could potentially be a gold mine, but I gave it all up.

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Travel By Heart: Lamitan, Basilan – Part 02


I made the decision next morning, I will go to Basilan to accomplish what I set out to do… and that is to reach the farthest that I can south on a motorcycle. I paused for a while to plan for what I’m about to do. I can just spend a couple of hours at the capital city of Isabela, go around some populated spots then ride back to the port and take the next RORO going back to Zamboanga. I felt like my plan was solid… until I got to the port.

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Travel By Heart: Lamitan, Basilan – Part 01

The first night I arrived at the island of Mindanao an old lady from Surigao asked me where I intend to go. I told her “I will try to reach the farthest that I can here in Mindanao. That would most probably mean I would have to go to Zamboanga.” She was very surprised and cautioned me, “Do not go there! There are a lot of bombings and terrorist activities that happens there.” Instead of becoming afraid I got more curious and wondered if this old lady has actually visited Zamboanga or she is just reiterating what is being broadcasted on the news.

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Travel By Heart: Samal Island, Davao – Part 03

I went back to gather my gear to leave the place as I’m losing light fast, it would be hard for me to navigate at night. A man from a nearby house came up to the store and started asking questions about me. He said he overheard me speak in Tagalog and that is a rare occurrence on places like this. He concluded that I’m not from nearby. As always I told him my story and my journey. He smiled and said it was really brave of me to venture out this far. Then he casually invited me to join them for a beer.

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