Ever since I started riding, I have always dreamed of having my own custom motorcycle. After 5 years, I finally have one. After winning the Wrangler True Wanderer competition, I told myself that this is the perfect moment to turn this dream into reality. As if the stars have aligned, I have a spare motorcycle, a concept, a theme and a brand to say “thank you” to.


It’s also time for my trusty companion to have a different life, as it has served me well all throughout my Philippine tour and the competition. Honestly if not for her I would literally and figuratively, not be able to be where I am today.

The concept of the build was simple, turn my dual-sport 125 into an aesthetically pleasing but well capable scrambler. To be true to its origins, Wander One has to perform well both on and off road. It's main purpose will still be to travel, so we made sure that it can still tackle different types of terrains may it be rocks, mud or the open road.


he first ride turned out better than I expected, because of the changes that we made. Wander One became very light and maneuverable making it easy to handle in the corners. Off-road became more forgiving as it's low enough that I can have my feet flat on the ground, giving me a lot of confidence when negotiating with tough terrain.


Although it's not perfect yet. We still have to improve the heat shield, as you can still feel the hot exhaust pipes when you're not moving. Thermal wraps would also help lessen the amount of heat generated by the headers. (I also think it kind of looks cool).


With some more minor adjustments and I think we would have it dialed in. Also there are some more upgades that we going to do in the future. Finishing the build is just the beginning. Wander One, hence the name is made to wander, so it will be visiting more places soon.


Thank you for reading and keep on chasing the horizon!