We arrived at his shop early in the evening, he was entertaining a client when he saw me arrive. He then proceeded to ask me if this was it, if this was the bike that we are going customise, I said "Yes".  He then smiled like a child being given a present.


We then unloaded the motorcycle from the vehicle, I was not able to help as I was documenting this moment. You can immediately sense that there are already ideas popping into his mind. I know that look, i told myself. I have that same look when my mind is filled with ideas that I want to turn into reality. But since he was already closing and visibly tired from a whole day's work we both decided to dismantle the motorcycle on a different day.


I got to his shop ready to help dismantle the bike. I have seen this in build documentaries before, the builders are eager to take the bike apart to look at its lines and imagine how everything will fall into place.


So we removed the parts one by one, first the exhaust then the headlights and fenders lastly the air box, which proved to be a little difficult to remove.


When we were about to remove the tank we both took a step back, then he said. "This tank has a really good shape", I agreed. I have been looking at that tank before but was a bit hesitant to use it because of the protruding mounts for the fairing before.


"We can still use this tank, we can just have those mounts removed and have it smoothened with fillers, this way you can still go quite far as it's an 11 liter tank"

then he stepped back again to look at how the lines will go.


Everything is dismantled now. Now we can clearly see how its going to go. How far the sub frame is going to be and how the seat is going to be shaped. Of course there will be some changes along the way, but this gives us both an overview on what we are going to do with the motorcycle.


We will be doing it slow and steady from here on. We both want the motorcycle to just not look good. If we can, we want it to perform even better than before. With that, I thank you for reading the first week our our build and I hope you join us through the journey of building Wander 1.