New explorations will always end up with meeting new people. To help us with building Wander One, I was introduced to Ador, a dirt motorcycle mechanic expert. Luckily his shop was just a few minutes away. We didn't waste any more time and got the bike to his shop to started chopping it.


It was like custom dirt bike heaven, left and right you can see different motorcycles being customized. People were busy either grinding a piece of metal or welding it into something. Almost every part that you can dream of putting into your project bike, you can pretty much get it here.

One of the cool things in bringing more people into a project would be their creative inputs. The stock sub-frame will all be removed to give way to a new and improved one. While doing this he suggested that instead of having it welded, why not have it as a bolt-on part. "That's a brilliant idea!" was all I can say.


Having it bolted on instead of being welded gave us more room to be creative in the future, as we can have a different sub-frame made. It can look like a cafe racer, a brat, a tracker or something else entirely. It seems the idea for this motorcycle is evolving, and I personally quite like where it's going.


I'm not entirely sure as to how it's going to be made he told me that he has a part coming from the machine shop and that would be where the bolt would go. It is quite evident that he knows what he's doing so I just decided to leave it to his capable hands. I'm just curious as to how it's going to turn out.